Thursday, September 22, 2011

These pictures are really unflattering but this is what I will be wearing tomorrow on a double date. We're just going to dinner and a movie, so I'm keeping it cute, but casual. I am the shortest person going with my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend who are all 6 inches or more taller than me, so I'm adding height with these wedges.

I really should invest in a new camera and have someone take pictures for me. But for now, my point and shoot and mini tripod are my best friends.


  1. Love your shoes!

  2. I've been taking photos via camera phone and tripod/camera man,but with good lighting, it can be as good as a real camera ;) - Although, when I do have the capital I will be investing in a professional one - but then again, who wouldn't?

    Either way that is a cute cable knit dress you've got on.