Friday, September 30, 2011

Dinner and Santa Monica Pier

Today, Ray and I have been together for half a year, so we're going to Ken of Japan and to the Santa Monica pier tonight. I'm wearing a dress I bought a year ago and never wore. I have second day curls and threw them up in a pony tail. I finally did some laundry and am discovering new clothes all over again. The sky is becoming gray more and more frequently. I smell fall! Can't wait. What's your favorite season?

Leather Jacket: Love Culture
Dress: Rewind (thrift store in Sherman Oaks)
Heels: Shrek


  1. Your dress and heels are so pretty! Love your outfit :) And fall is my favorite season.

  2. Hi~ found you from ifb and I have to say, you actually look very similar to Vanessa Hudgens. And your dress is so sweet :) It's funny because me and my boy, Taylor, have also been together half a year (well in 15 days it will be 7 months) and I'm so giddy as it is.

    stella xx


  4. What a perfect outfit for a dinner with your boyfriend! Happy half-year anniversary! :) I'm loving the leather jacket with the dress, and your nude heels are amazing as well! (: and I agree with Stella, you look very similar to Vanessa Hudgens! Hope you had a wonderful time at the Santa Monica Pier, I love the little crepe place on Third Street! :) Thanks for posting on my IFB Teen Fashion Bloggers group, I have followed you, hope to see more of your posts! :)


  5. You look gorgeous! The dress and the shoes are stunning!


  6. Cute dress.. I love your shoes too!