Friday, September 23, 2011

Date Night

shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Booties: Marshalls (Madden Girl brand)

I did end up changing my outfit. I've been neglecting this top so I decided instead of wearing some shirt that I constantly wear, I'd pick one out that doesn't get much wear. It was until then that I realized that the top gives me a bit of a boxy shape and has an awkward cut. I simply solve this problem by wearing it under a blazer that I got from Neiman Marcus. Sorry, the blazer isn't pictured above. I also haven't worn these jeans in forever! They're super long on my short legs. (I'm 5'0) so I always have to wear them with something that will cover my ankle. I know I should probably get them hemmed but I've been rather lazy. Now that I think about it, every item worn in this outfit doesn't get a lot of wear. I haven't worn these boots since my 16th birthday. I didn't even realize it! This makes me want to wear some more of my old clothes.


  1. I like the first picture and the shirt!You look great!xx Tanja

  2. loving your outfit and your poses! Great detail of the lace of your top, hope you had an awesome night!
    come follow my blog hun :)

  3. Great outfit! The jeans look awesome on you. You should wear them more;)

  4. Love your outfit! The shoes are so pretty :)

  5. cute look, i love the boots! You have a really nice blog, i am following you! :) Check out my blog if you would like!


  6. You're a Marshalls fan too? (those booties are very cute :) What's not to love, really.

    Wearing your old clothes is so satisfying. I've been going through my closet trying to use at least one piece I haven't used in some time and incorporate it into what I wear.

  7. Aww thank you for all of the positive feedback! I really appreciate it and it keeps me motivated to keep blogging. Hope all is well with all of you <3

    @anna i should definitely start doing that! it would put half of my closet to use haha