Tuesday, September 6, 2011


There are several reasons I want to get out of this town. My past disgusts me and knowing all the people who were apart of it makes my stomach turn. It may sound exaggerated and it's definitely not the first time a teenager has said this, but I mean it. I associated myself with downright scandelous and misguided people. I now am in the background of what's going on and truthfully, only spend most of my days with two people. I am perfectly content with that because majority of the people I befriended before were not real friends. They were people I would lose sight of reality with. It's not the best thing to nearly isolate yourself from your peers, but its something I've come to terms with because I know how sick in the head I was just 8 months ago. I am me again and out of that dark hole. I started to breathe again.
Disclaimer: I am NOT talking about all of the people I was friends with, I mean most. There are still friends that I don't see anymore who are still dear to my heart

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